Spotlight on our tenants… Craggies Butchery Deli Cafe

Established in 2015, Craggies is a family-run business incorporating a butchery, delicatessen and farm shop with café, which is situated on our business park in beautiful Cragg Vale.  With fresh fruit, vegetables, locally- reared meat and produce it is extremely well-stocked to suit all tastes.  Craggies also stock alcoholic beverages from the on-site brewers – Vocation & Little Valley Brewery. Open seven days a week and with customers coming from all over by foot, cycle and car, it really is a lovely place to bring the family or to meet with friends.  Due to current Covid restrictions, the café is unable to open to the public however they are operating a takeaway facility.      Craggies are looking forward to re-opening their doors as soon as restrictions are lifted.  Meanwhile, you can place orders online at or by telephone or by telephone 01422 417417.

Spotlight on our tenants… JVL

Office Space For Rent

Established over 30 years ago, JVL is a leading supplier and distributor of household products in the UK.  Based at Orchard Business Park in Mytholmroyd, JVL supply products including doormats, home furnishings, laundry essentials, cleaning products and car care goods to leading high street retailers, wholesalers and independent retailers. They have now extended their range and have the facility for customers to order directly from their website, head over to their social channels, search @jvlhomeware on FB or Instagram.

Employing around  60 staff, JVL pride themselves on providing first rate customer service and products which provide excellent value for money.  To place orders, visit their website or telephone 01422 888555.

Spotlight on our tenants… Vocation Brewery

Vocation Brewery, which was established in 2015, is an independent brewery which brew beers from our site in Cragg Vale. Ranging from their core collections, such as Heart & Soul, Bread & Butter, Pride & Joy and Life & Death to name but a few, Vocation also brew a vast array of specials. Such specials include DIPA’s and TIPA’s (Double IPA and Triple IPA’s) and more recently beers from their barrel aged collection such as the chocolate & banana stout or salted caramel collaboration with Norwegian brewer Amundsen. There really is something to suit all tastes. After the installation of their new canning line in 2020, they now sell around 12 million cans per year.

Currently employing 35 staff across two sites, Vocation is going from strength to strength with orders coming in from all over the world.

With the current lockdown restrictions, visits to their bar in Hebden Bridge are put on hold but orders can be placed online or you will find their products in independent outlets and major supermarkets. They even offer a same day delivery service (if ordered before 12pm) for customers in the HX postcode!To place orders, visit their website or telephone 01422 410810.

Our tips for working from home

With everyone being encouraged to work from home where possible, we have outlined our top five tips we’ve come across and adopted for our days at work. Being in a position where you can work from home is brilliant at this time and getting your work done is important for your business. Staying healthy both mentally and physically is important for you. The tips below are what we have outlined for you to be able to get the best out of your days working from home and to remain with a healthy mind.

1.Get Dressed:

Would you believe it, something so small as getting dressed has made the list. As tempting as it is to sit in your pyjamas all day, getting washed and dressed to start your day will psychologically gear you up to be productive with your work. Ensuring you do this can have much more of an impact than you ever thought was possible.

2. Find the best work space:

Working from home can be tough as you are more prone to distractions. If there’s other people in the house, set boundaries (if possible). Set the times you can be approached and the times where you need to get your head down and work. Dedicate an office space and surround yourself with inspiration to work hard.

Ensure your home has a work free zone, none of us want to feel like the place where we work is the place we spend relaxing. Maintaining this divide can be crucial to keep a healthy work life balance.

3.Keep your routine:

Humans are creatures of habit. Having a routine is vital, whether its setting your alarm for the same time each day, going to bed at the same time to ensure you have a good nights rest or taking your lunch break at the same time you normally would at work.  Routines help us mentally and physically prepare for something. Keeping your routine the same even if you don’t physically go to work will help you gear up for the day ahead. Make the most of what would have been your commuting time and spend this doing something that will set you up to have a positive mindset instead and make this a new part of your routine for the time being.


4.Pick up the phone:

Working from home can be isolating, especially if you live alone. Where appropriate, instead of emails why not pick up the phone to a work colleague, client or customer to discuss the matter. You can always follow this up with an email detailing the topics covered in the call, but you’ve been able to have some interaction with others and they will probably benefit from this too.


5. Take regular breaks:

Finally, you shouldn’t spend all your day glued to your screens and It’s been said to be more beneficial to take short breaks throughout your working day. If it’s safe to do so, why not sit in your garden or take a short walk adhering to the government’s guidelines. Just like any working environment, giving yourself breaks is incredibly important to let your brain and body relax and keep your mind fresh.


A work environment that works for you

We’ve covered blogs about the benefits of an office space as opposed to working from home and covered finding the right space for you, but we want to delve deeper on what the impact the environment you work in can have on you and the effect it can have to your productivity and work abilities.

According to a study found online we spend approximately 13 years and two months of our lives at work, not including overtime and the sneaky checking of emails on an evening and weekend.

When choosing a place to set up office or deciding on the wall colours, furnishings and finishing touches, it’s important to know the impact these can have. To make this easier for you we have identified these elements and an understanding of the impacts they can have.



Whether it’s, natural, artificial, bright or dimmed lighting, all of this can impact your productivity levels. If you work inside do you have enough windows? Is there space for you to be able to walk and take 5 minutes out in the fresh air when its needed?  It has been said that natural lighting is the best source of lighting to boost productivity and reduce mental health related issues. Bearing this in mind, don’t worry if you don’t have enough natural lighting flooding in, you can create this by the clever use of lighting and bulbs as well as keeping away from rich tones in the office.



Finding the right level of noise in the office can sometimes be tough, especially when you have multiple staff members. Maybe you are someone who finds comfort in the radio playing low in the background or someone who can’t hear themselves think if the whole office is filled with noise. Both could even work for you. Understanding this and what works best for the people you spend your time in the office with can help to boost workflow and crate a happy office environment.



There’s so much that can be found about the psychologies of colour. Colour is a visual experience that subconsciously affects the brain and how we work. Having subtle hints of colour could inspire workers at pinnacle moments and can encourage stimulation and motivation. There are many different websites that help you make the right choice for your office. A common colour often used within offices is blue. Blue is said to be an intellectual colour and promotes thinking. Whereas yellow is usually used in moderate to promote optimism and innovation. These pops of colour don’t always have to be on the walls, why not add bright cushions, mugs, mouse mats or even hang paintings on the walls.



When planning the layout of your office and the furniture you want to buy its important to plan this properly, working with the space you have and the best furniture to provide comfort at work. Spending around 8 hours a day in the same office space is a long time, so you need to be comfortable. Thinking about desk space so you and any staff members have enough room to comfortably spread out. Do you have the right chair for your needs? Do you have a space for stand meetings? Meetings with staff can often go on tangents, stand-up meetings keep things short and to the point.


Within the Craggs business parks, we have a range of different work environments all in the beautiful countryside. We may look remote, but we are in fact in a prime location. We are only 10 minutes away from two local towns, Sowerby bridge and Mytholmroyd as well as being easily accessible from the M62.

With neighbours like Vocation Brewery, Alpaca comfort, Portelli dog spa to name a few, there are multiple different businesses you can interact with, why not come visit and take a look, we would be happy to show you around. Please contact, or 01422 888450 and we will ensure someone will be around to help you with all of your needs.

Eating at your desk

I’ll just finish this. This deadline is too close. A customer needs this fast. Does this sound familiar when asked if you would like to go for lunch? We all know that eating at our desks everyday is bad for us but taking a break at lunch time to step away from your desk can improve both your body and brain, keeping your muscles and mind fit.

Boosting your wellness in the workplace can all start with stepping away from your computer screens and putting down your smart phones to practice mindful eating. Many of us get distracted whilst eating and working and then we don’t recognise when we are full.

Why not make this a social thing? Take time to sit and talk to a colleague about non-work related topics and whether it’s going for a walk, sitting in communal area or visiting Craggies, give yourself that much needed break. You’ll reap the benefits in your mental state and work.

Exciting Environmental Advancements

At the Craggs Country Business Parks we want to do as much as we can to support the environment. As a result, we are always looking to embrace technologies that enable us to be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our latest exciting development is the addition of more solar panels to our sites.

We now have 555 panels across two of our sites, The Craggs and The Chapel. The plan is to expand this development even more in the upcoming years.


The solar panels join the 4,000 trees planted by Treesponsibility in 2017 and help us reach our aim to be a net carbon zero establishment as soon as we can.

The solar panels will allow us to have a sustainable energy source that is reliable and independent and have minimal impact on the beautiful scenery we are lucky enough to be based within.

A view of the Upper Cragg Valley

Clean energy is key tool for us as a long-term energy goal and allows us to contribute to the preservation of our phenomenal surroundings.

Embracing technology allows us to adapt and evolve as a site for which businesses can thrive within.

The new panels will make up 25% of our total energy allowing us to make a huge stride towards environmental sustainability.

Tips To Help When You’re Going Through A Creativity Slump!

We have all been there, sometimes you’re in a slump. You might be feeling tired most of the time, or disinterested in your work. You’ve lost your motivation.

And it could be for a number of reasons, you could be stressed at work or home. It’s a change in the season, and as it gets darker earlier, you could be affected by that. And if you run your own business, it’s important to not stay in that slump too long, or it could affect your business.

In our serviced offices on our sites, we have several small businesses who are run by a very small team, and we know the importance of getting out of those dips to keep your business thriving, so we have a few tips here to help you get out of that business slump!

Get away from the computer

This can be tough, as most of our work is done on a computer, but staring at the screen too long can affect your concentration. So, leave your desk. Walk to the kitchen and make a brew. Weather permitting, go outside and have a walk. At The Craggs we are lucky to be surrounded by the beautiful Calder Valley countryside. Whether you’re up at the main site in Cragg Vale  or at The Chapel in the centre of Mytholmroyd, there’s plenty to see and do in your breaks away from the computer screen.

Mix up your routine

If you come straight into the office and work non-stop, mix up your morning routine, and get a coffee en route to the office. By doing something different, your brain doesn’t fall into your repetitive thought processes.

If you always go for lunch at 12.30 on the dot, go at 12. Or 1.

If you always bring your lunch with you, go out and buy a sandwich. (We have a local farm shop and café on site, so we’re lucky to have fantastic food right on our office doorstep!)

By changing your routine slightly, not to be disruptive, but it will stop you from falling into the same repetitive routines, which will get your brain going, and improve your mood!

If you work from home, mix it up with some co-working or desk sharing

We know that working from home is maybe financially better, you’re not paying for overheads such as rent, electricity etc. However, working form home can be lonely.

But if you can’t afford an office, then there are other options available. You can hire a desk, or a shared office.

That way, you can work from somewhere else, meet new people who might be able to help with you and your business and you will spend time with other people.

At the Craggs, we also offer co-working and shared office facilities. With high speed internet, flexibility in when you use our co-working facilities, and a community of tenants who help and encourage each other in their businesses, you’ll fit right in.

For more information on our co-working facilities, visit the page on the website or call us on 01422 888450 and we can talk about how we can help you!

Remember, it’s normal for us all to have these peaks and troughs when you’re in business, so if you find yourself in a business slump, take our advice, try these steps to change up your routine and your thinking habits will change for the better too!

Business Relocation Check List

So you’re relocating your business, how exciting! There’s already a lot going on with owning your own business, and throwing your relocation into the mix seems like a silly idea, but you’ve got to keep expanding and growing your business!

There’s a number of ways that you can make this much easier for your business and in this article, we’re going to be going through some of these ways.

Self Storage

Self storage can make a huge difference when you’re relocating your business because it allows you to place anything unwanted at the moment in a storage unit. Our self storage Halifax experts are on hand to help, and an explain just how affordable storage can be and how it is definitely something that businesses may want to consider! (Considering how much cheaper it is to do than buying a larger office space for storage!)

Even if by some unfortunate chance, your move is delayed by a few days, you’ll be able to put everything in storage to ensure that it stays safe until you’re able to move in.

If you require any help with self storage Halifax, self storage Mytholmroyd or self storage Hebden Bridge, then our fantastic storage units are perfect for businesses and the general public, offering some fantastic rates!

Self storage is only required in certain scenarios so we thought we’d give it a mention just in case this scenario pops up for you. What we’ve created is a bullet point checklist to help you understand what is required for your business relocation.

  • Select a move committee. This is made up of representatives from IT, HR, Operations and other interested and qualified people.
  • Establish your business relocation budget.
  • Determine whether or not it requires a third party to help with the move.
  • Coordinate your business relocation with the moving of servers and IT provider/support.
  • Contact your telecommunication provider to get new numbers or move your existing numbers
  • Determine if any of your equipment requires specialised or approved vendors to move it.
  • Check the existing lease for restoration requirements/conditions for returning current space to landlord.
  • Order keys from the building.
  • Contact the building to confirm locations of signage.
  • Hire signage vendor to plan, get approval and install new signage.
  • Obtain a qualified mover for your business relocation.
  • Order new letterheads, business cards, forms and any other printed marketing materials.
  • Update your website, emails signatures.
  • Notify your current clients of change of address.
  • Contact the post office for change of address.
  • Contact you bank for change of address.
  • Notify any vendors of change of address.

These are the main areas you will need to cover with your business relocation!

If you are looking for a new office space in halifax, we have several available units in both Cragg Vale and Mytholmroyd, from desk space up to large offices. The facilities of the city, but the scenery of the countryside.

You can see our available offices here

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