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Business Relocation Check List

So you’re relocating your business, how exciting! There’s already a lot going on with owning your own business, and throwing your relocation into the mix seems like a silly idea, but you’ve got to keep expanding and growing your business!

There’s a number of ways that you can make this much easier for your business and in this article, we’re going to be going through some of these ways.

Self Storage

Self storage can make a huge difference when you’re relocating your business because it allows you to place anything unwanted at the moment in a storage unit. Our self storage Halifax experts are on hand to help, and an explain just how affordable storage can be and how it is definitely something that businesses may want to consider! (Considering how much cheaper it is to do than buying a larger office space for storage!)

Even if by some unfortunate chance, your move is delayed by a few days, you’ll be able to put everything in storage to ensure that it stays safe until you’re able to move in.

If you require any help with self storage Halifax, self storage Mytholmroyd or self storage Hebden Bridge, then our fantastic storage units are perfect for businesses and the general public, offering some fantastic rates!

Self storage is only required in certain scenarios so we thought we’d give it a mention just in case this scenario pops up for you. What we’ve created is a bullet point checklist to help you understand what is required for your business relocation.

  • Select a move committee. This is made up of representatives from IT, HR, Operations and other interested and qualified people.
  • Establish your business relocation budget.
  • Determine whether or not it requires a third party to help with the move.
  • Coordinate your business relocation with the moving of servers and IT provider/support.
  • Contact your telecommunication provider to get new numbers or move your existing numbers
  • Determine if any of your equipment requires specialised or approved vendors to move it.
  • Check the existing lease for restoration requirements/conditions for returning current space to landlord.
  • Order keys from the building.
  • Contact the building to confirm locations of signage.
  • Hire signage vendor to plan, get approval and install new signage.
  • Obtain a qualified mover for your business relocation.
  • Order new letterheads, business cards, forms and any other printed marketing materials.
  • Update your website, emails signatures.
  • Notify your current clients of change of address.
  • Contact the post office for change of address.
  • Contact you bank for change of address.
  • Notify any vendors of change of address.

These are the main areas you will need to cover with your business relocation!

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