A work environment that works for you

We’ve covered blogs about the benefits of an office space as opposed to working from home and covered finding the right space for you, but we want to delve deeper on what the impact the environment you work in can have on you and the effect it can have to your productivity and work abilities.

According to a study found online we spend approximately 13 years and two months of our lives at work, not including overtime and the sneaky checking of emails on an evening and weekend.

When choosing a place to set up office or deciding on the wall colours, furnishings and finishing touches, it’s important to know the impact these can have. To make this easier for you we have identified these elements and an understanding of the impacts they can have.



Whether it’s, natural, artificial, bright or dimmed lighting, all of this can impact your productivity levels. If you work inside do you have enough windows? Is there space for you to be able to walk and take 5 minutes out in the fresh air when its needed?  It has been said that natural lighting is the best source of lighting to boost productivity and reduce mental health related issues. Bearing this in mind, don’t worry if you don’t have enough natural lighting flooding in, you can create this by the clever use of lighting and bulbs as well as keeping away from rich tones in the office.



Finding the right level of noise in the office can sometimes be tough, especially when you have multiple staff members. Maybe you are someone who finds comfort in the radio playing low in the background or someone who can’t hear themselves think if the whole office is filled with noise. Both could even work for you. Understanding this and what works best for the people you spend your time in the office with can help to boost workflow and crate a happy office environment.



There’s so much that can be found about the psychologies of colour. Colour is a visual experience that subconsciously affects the brain and how we work. Having subtle hints of colour could inspire workers at pinnacle moments and can encourage stimulation and motivation. There are many different websites that help you make the right choice for your office. A common colour often used within offices is blue. Blue is said to be an intellectual colour and promotes thinking. Whereas yellow is usually used in moderate to promote optimism and innovation. These pops of colour don’t always have to be on the walls, why not add bright cushions, mugs, mouse mats or even hang paintings on the walls.



When planning the layout of your office and the furniture you want to buy its important to plan this properly, working with the space you have and the best furniture to provide comfort at work. Spending around 8 hours a day in the same office space is a long time, so you need to be comfortable. Thinking about desk space so you and any staff members have enough room to comfortably spread out. Do you have the right chair for your needs? Do you have a space for stand meetings? Meetings with staff can often go on tangents, stand-up meetings keep things short and to the point.


Within the Craggs business parks, we have a range of different work environments all in the beautiful countryside. We may look remote, but we are in fact in a prime location. We are only 10 minutes away from two local towns, Sowerby bridge and Mytholmroyd as well as being easily accessible from the M62.

With neighbours like Vocation Brewery, Alpaca comfort, Portelli dog spa to name a few, there are multiple different businesses you can interact with, why not come visit and take a look, we would be happy to show you around. Please contact, info@thecraggs.co.uk or 01422 888450 and we will ensure someone will be around to help you with all of your needs.