Exciting Environmental Advancements

At the Craggs Country Business Parks we want to do as much as we can to support the environment. As a result, we are always looking to embrace technologies that enable us to be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our latest exciting development is the addition of more solar panels to our sites.

We now have 555 panels across two of our sites, The Craggs and The Chapel. The plan is to expand this development even more in the upcoming years.


The solar panels join the 4,000 trees planted by Treesponsibility in 2017 and help us reach our aim to be a net carbon zero establishment as soon as we can.

The solar panels will allow us to have a sustainable energy source that is reliable and independent and have minimal impact on the beautiful scenery we are lucky enough to be based within.

A view of the Upper Cragg Valley

Clean energy is key tool for us as a long-term energy goal and allows us to contribute to the preservation of our phenomenal surroundings.

Embracing technology allows us to adapt and evolve as a site for which businesses can thrive within.

The new panels will make up 25% of our total energy allowing us to make a huge stride towards environmental sustainability.