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Tips To Help When You’re Going Through A Creativity Slump!

We have all been there, sometimes you’re in a slump. You might be feeling tired most of the time, or disinterested in your work. You’ve lost your motivation.

And it could be for a number of reasons, you could be stressed at work or home. It’s a change in the season, and as it gets darker earlier, you could be affected by that. And if you run your own business, it’s important to not stay in that slump too long, or it could affect your business.

In our serviced offices on our sites, we have several small businesses who are run by a very small team, and we know the importance of getting out of those dips to keep your business thriving, so we have a few tips here to help you get out of that business slump!

Get away from the computer

This can be tough, as most of our work is done on a computer, but staring at the screen too long can affect your concentration. So, leave your desk. Walk to the kitchen and make a brew. Weather permitting, go outside and have a walk. At The Craggs we are lucky to be surrounded by the beautiful Calder Valley countryside. Whether you’re up at the main site in Cragg Vale  or at The Chapel in the centre of Mytholmroyd, there’s plenty to see and do in your breaks away from the computer screen.

Mix up your routine

If you come straight into the office and work non-stop, mix up your morning routine, and get a coffee en route to the office. By doing something different, your brain doesn’t fall into your repetitive thought processes.

If you always go for lunch at 12.30 on the dot, go at 12. Or 1.

If you always bring your lunch with you, go out and buy a sandwich. (We have a local farm shop and café on site, so we’re lucky to have fantastic food right on our office doorstep!)

By changing your routine slightly, not to be disruptive, but it will stop you from falling into the same repetitive routines, which will get your brain going, and improve your mood!

If you work from home, mix it up with some co-working or desk sharing

We know that working from home is maybe financially better, you’re not paying for overheads such as rent, electricity etc. However, working form home can be lonely.

But if you can’t afford an office, then there are other options available. You can hire a desk, or a shared office.

That way, you can work from somewhere else, meet new people who might be able to help with you and your business and you will spend time with other people.

At the Craggs, we also offer co-working and shared office facilities. With high speed internet, flexibility in when you use our co-working facilities, and a community of tenants who help and encourage each other in their businesses, you’ll fit right in.

For more information on our co-working facilities, visit the page on the website or call us on 01422 888450 and we can talk about how we can help you!

Remember, it’s normal for us all to have these peaks and troughs when you’re in business, so if you find yourself in a business slump, take our advice, try these steps to change up your routine and your thinking habits will change for the better too!