And then there was …man power!

Man Power

This week a lot has happened up on the site, the place has been changing every day! I’m certainly getting a feel for how this place is going to look when it’s all finished. I’ve put some pictures up so you can all see how the site looks at the moment. There are lots of people working here now moving, digging, driving trucks and cleaning out poultry manure! All the big bulk feeding hoppers came down this week which was quite impressive so now.

The building at the bottom of the site is going to be called Thornber Energy (subject to Planning approval) which gives Ralph Thornber a platform to delve back into the oil business once more. The house at the top of the road has been sand blasted and the windows have been pushed out so looks really impressive (I’m sure some of you will have noticed it already!). This house is where the main office for the site will be based.all the buildings are ready to be repaired.

This week we have been flying round to lots of meetings so my brain is definitely seeking more space but it’s all really exciting and I’m learning more and more everyday. However slightly concerned at Chas asking me to pull on a pair of overalls for all hands on deck on Monday! (!!) So watch out for that update next week!


I now have a facebook group and twitter page called “The Craggs” where I will upload some more pictures and discussions. Let me know if you have any questions about what’s happening!!

Jessica x