Everything happens for a reason!

So this is me, just returned from 6 months travelling around New Zealand and Australia. I have spent the past 4 years working as a singer and dancer in a variety of countries and have finally returned home to Since recovering from jetlag and various travelling ailments I was approached by a certain Mr Thornber for a new job prospect! He informed me that his daughter (Heidi Bingham) and her husband (Chris Bingham) were going into business together and buying the old Turkey Lodge at Cragg Vale! They were to turn this run down farm into a super duper, brand spanking new business park and wanted me to come on board as PA for them!

So this is where the story begins!! Here you will be able to join me in my journey through this new and exciting development in Cragg Vale. There will be photos and news updates exclusive from the inside of this new enterprise as it grows and develops. I’m sure you have all been driving past and wondering what is going on over here (don’t worry I’m still figuring that out too!)

If you like this blog then you can log on to our twitter and facebook pages where we will have discussions and more photos for you all to get in on the gossip and happenings up on top of the hill in Cragg Vale……………………………….that’s all for now catch you next week!


Jessica x