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Small Business Marketing Advice – A Guide For Local Companies 

Here at The Craggs not only do we love offering Halifax business units to a wide range of clients, we also enjoy seeing these businesses grow from a few team members to larger and more established businesses.

As part of this help we like to offer free tips and advice to tenants in order to help them grow. Afterall your success is our success!

1 – Focus on a few marketing channels

In the early stages of testing what works best is key for your company. However we always recommend that you test and zero in what works best in order for you to understand what is driving leads and customers to you.

Paid channels such as local magazines, Google Ads and social media marketing adverts can help you quickly identify great sources of potential customers.

As well as paid sources look for free one’s also – Google is great for this, but just ensure that you have a plan in mind and do things slowly. Create great content is an essential part of this.

2 – Build a network

Your network is key to your growth. If you have 10 people who meet another 10 people and they have told them all about your company, that’s 100 people that now know about you. 

Perform a great job for customers and in turn that builds a fantastic referral network for you and gets your name out quickly

3 – Build a great base

Where you are based is also key. Transport your goods around the country? Then a motorway connection is key! It’s best to create a checklist of what you need from your offices and then look around at what is available.

A great location, one that your staff and your customers enjoy is perfect. Combine that with other businesses to network with and that is a perfect location in which to grow your business.

4 – Never stop learning / growing

Staying static is bad for business. You want to be continually improving processes and training staff to allow you to offer the best services to customers. If you offer products then research is key to improving these. 

5 – Build Partnerships

Much like building a network, however partnerships will be with other businesses who may have similar to customers to who you are targeting.

Own an electrical contractors? Partner with a Building contractor? Look for companies which don’t compete with you and build strategic partnerships.

There’s a quick summary of 5 essential small business tips. There’s never a silver bullet with growing a business, you need to try, test and learn and then zero in what works best for your industry.