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Our tips for working from home

With everyone being encouraged to work from home where possible, we have outlined our top five tips we’ve come across and adopted for our days at work. Being in a position where you can work from home is brilliant at this time and getting your work done is important for your business. Staying healthy both mentally and physically is important…Read More→

A work environment that works for you

We’ve covered blogs about the benefits of an office space as opposed to working from home and covered finding the right space for you, but we want to delve deeper on what the impact the environment you work in can have on you and the effect it can have to your productivity and work abilities. According to a study found…Read More→

Eating at your desk

I’ll just finish this. This deadline is too close. A customer needs this fast. Does this sound familiar when asked if you would like to go for lunch? We all know that eating at our desks everyday is bad for us but taking a break at lunch time to step away from your desk can improve both your body and…Read More→